Lesley Bell Consultant

HR Subscription Services

A flexible and effective solution for all your HR needs. A flat fee subscription is a cost effective way to enhance your current HR Department, or it can be your HR Department.

A set subscription fee allows you to manage your budget-with no surprises
You will receive ongoing HR expertise and advice from a dedicated HR Professional
There is no limit on the range of HR solutions to fit your unique business needs
Montly check-in meetings to assess and re-prioritize projects
Provides freedom for you to focus on your business
Choice of six or twelve month commitment
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Core Services

The Hiring Process and Job Descriptions

To hire the right people,first you must understand who you are looking for.

Onboarding and Orientation 

Leverage your recruitment dollars by setting your new hires up for success.

Performance Reviews

Continuous feedback will help you get the most out of your people.

Compensation Planning

Determine your budget for compensation, benefits and incentives.

Employee Policy Manuals 

Create, maintain and communicate your organization's policies and procedures.

Employee File Management 

Ensures consistent record keeping of all employee information, resume, salary, benefits, vacation, sick days etc.